Saturday, 15 March 2008

Where The Buffalo Roam

You gotta love Hunter. S. Thompson

Full movie starring Bill Murray as Hunter.

Tuesday, 11 March 2008

The End Of Nations

End Of Nations
A New Documentary By Wise Up Journal

I was holding off posting this until I had watched & digested the
whole thing.
Well, now I have & here it is.

Good job guys.

The sound is a little sloppy but that's not important,
what is important is the content.

The Lisbon Treaty is another step towards One World Government &
The New World Order.
It takes away more of our rights & say & places our future
into the hands of corrupt, money & war hungry shadow government entities.

This documentary is essential viewing, so please watch it.
Your future may very well depend upon it & the information
contained within.

I have to say that it is one-sided on the interviewee front
but that does not in any way change the hard facts.

Watch this, gather the facts & vote "NO" to Lisbon.

Sunday, 9 March 2008

Protest, Resistance & Dissent In Native Americans

This is a really good vid made by IncendiaryDan about Native
American Indian Resistance.

It features the song "Exile" by Blackfire, a great Diné ( Native American )
punk band.

Blackfire are a punk-rock family — brothers Klee and Clayson Benally and their sister Jeneda, on guitar, drums and bass, respectively.
CJ Ramone produced their 1994 EP, and Joey Ramone’s final recordings were his guest vocals on 2002’s One Nation Under.

Blackfire - Native American Punk Rock (, opens in new window)