Thursday, 14 February 2008

The Ron Paul March

Grand Rally and March on Washington DC


When: Official date to be determined - Ron Paul has proposed either Memorial Day Weekend or the Fourth of July Weekend.
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The largest rally and march in recorded history will take place in Washington DC. The march will be peaceful in nature. Find a city near you and pledge to show your support today! is committed to mobilizing Ron Paul supporters and like-minded individuals. It also provides a communication hub for members from various meetup groups to chat, post, network and stay informed about upcoming marches.

Discuss your ideas for the march and how to spread the message in the forums.


Message from the campaign: "As Dr. Paul mentioned in his last video message, an official Ron Paul march and rally in Washington, D.C. is in the works. A date has not been set yet. Most likely the event will be in the late spring or early summer. We'll announce details once plans are firmed up and a date is chosen."

Get updates at the march blog.

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