Saturday, 3 May 2008

UK : Lisbon Treaty On Hold

Businessman wins Judicial Review Of UK's decision to ratify the Lisbon Treaty

Stuart Wheeler

Calls were made for the ratification of the EU Reform Treaty (the Lisbon Treaty) to be put on hold pending a High Court challenge over the Government's refusal to subject it to a referendum.

The calls came immediately after millionaire businessman Stuart Wheeler, a major Conservative Party donor, won permission from a senior judge to seek a judicial review.

He claims that he had "a legitimate expectation" that Gordon Brown would hold a public vote.

The Prime Minister has refused on the grounds that the Lisbon Treaty, introduced after proposals for a EU constitution were voted down by the French and Dutch in 2005, did not alter the UK constitution.

This is brilliant news. Mr. Wheeler may just be a Labor-hater ( so what! ) but this is exactly the kind of action that needs to be taken. Well done sir!

Watch this space for more developments on this case.

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