Thursday, 28 February 2008

It's A Battle

There's a war going on outside


Hi folks, I hope this finds you all well.
Though I feel it may not.
I'm working on various projects right now, so I thought I'd write a
little "some some" to fill the blogging gap.
I'm researching excessive iron in drinking water, anti-depressants,
Irish issues & also more active projects, ie street action & non-cyber
based activism.

I emailed Prionsias De Rossa stating my distaste for his Yes vote to
The Lisbon Treaty. I was factual & honest yet he replied telling me to -
"..grow up & get my facts straight..."


My facts were straight.
Just because I had taken the time to actually use my mind & time to look into the facts, I was a child?
Well Mr. De Rossa, I am not your average mindless fucktard.
I look into the truth & actively seek it out.
I wrote a long, coherent, factual & concerned email.
You replied in one line.
You are the one that needs to grow up.
How much do you earn to micturate all over the people that put you there?
How many benefits have you reaped from your M.E.P. status?
Your priorities to the people have been flushed down the European toilet
while you line your pockets with our taxes & the dividends of the European corporate

I am pissed-off.
I am angry.
We are the ones that the Governments are mandated to serve.
Not the other way round.
Why are so many people so willing to be enslaved & defecated upon?
Wake up!! For fucking freedoms' sake, wake the fuck up.


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