Wednesday, 20 February 2008

More Than The Sum Of My Words

Some Poems I Think...

the red-orange glow
of a trap i don't know
and nothing to compare

i know i'm dying
but i'll keep on trying
to sweep away the snare.


Les Mondes Sans Yeux

please wake up
please see
please hear
you have beauty & magnificence
you have every right
to be whomever you like
but don't fall
you don't need to fall
build steps
not walls
you have love & significance
you have power
and the right to life
and hear
you have as much right as any
to be here


the door of the cage
is open
but the birds have stayed inside.



to the penned
and penniless revolutionaries
of this world

i raise my morning cheer
i hold aloft my woken dreams
in the hope that all shall hear

to pain unknown
and voiceless beats
beaten down by law

to break the camels back
we need only one more straw.


rain like an army
a bombarding liquid song
i shelter in an archway
and dream of summer sun

raining like a fever
i'm soaked, i'm stoned
brain dripping and luminous
whitewashed & honed.


in search of foundation
a step to the side

in my mind forward
but to others just a ride

in need of resistance
a revolution to the core

to find the reality
that's been buried by their war.


As deep as any ocean,
but of falling autumn hue

I jump into your eyes,
and dance away the blues.


dawns ass cracks wide open,
revealing a mighty sphere of
burning gas.
all of the wage slaving whores scream in unison -
'Get us the fuck outta here....!'


A Path Ethic

Pseudo importance
and soul killing rules
our every move

officious ropes
choke our throats
denying the escape of truth

terror inducing religion
and filth
squeeze our true spirit from us

slimy politicians
become engorged
scraping the last pieces of flesh
from the bones of the starving

as we rot away
in their broadcast armchairs.



and the world is full of death today,
as it is every day.

i've got my own deaths to deal with,
but i try to make them small.

i write them down,
on pieces of paper,
and throw them from a moving car.

there's so much weight,
that my shoulders hurt.

i feel like i want my spare time to be spent
fucking, drinking,
laughing and writing.

there's just too much bullshit,
too many small deaths that are allowed
to roam free and shoot moments of happiness.

but there's a bigger picture.
an army of poisonous swine,
creeping in every cup of water
and every mainstream broadcast.

so i dedicate my time,
between enlightenment and wine,
and the destruction of these pigs.


Can you feel it?

The time has come,
the light is shone,
born freedoms lay in mourning

Arise from the dirge,
this deathly stinking verge,
herding us to their calling

Primal resurrection,
from this myre of decption,
raise us to our truth

No more shall we sit,
at your table of shit,
slaughtering our youth

Imbibe no more,
their repugnant lore,
but wake and see the might

We the people,
not the sheeple,
shall awake and win this fight

freedom in sight,
bated breath,
heartbeats thunder like drums

minds collide,
great forces meet,
the worm begins to turn

fleeing oppression,
forcing aggression,
to bow to it's knees

we as one,
begin to hunt,
no masters shall we please

force their hand,
wake the many,
numbers are the key

alive! we cry,
awake! we scream,
the dawning of a future,

Blooddha '08.

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