Friday, 8 February 2008

The Truth Will Out...

Journalist Whistle Blowers Expose Fox News
& Monsanto's Total Lies.

False News

Here's an example of what has been going on
for years & years.
How is your heath as a result of the poisons
that have been hidden & fed to you?
What about your children?
Leukemia, Cancers,
Hormone Imbalances, I.B.S.,
Diabetes, Parkinsons, Thyroid
Disfunction & the list goes on.

There are proven links between these &
many other diseases & viruses that have
been caused (both intentionally or otherwise)
by Governmental, Medical & Industrial
mass deception.

Question everything. Do the research.
Do the maths. Discover for yourself
the lengths to which these people have
gone to, to lie, cheat, steal, poison &
kill you.

The evidence is out there.
Here's some right now -


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