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Saturday, 3 May 2008

Medical Marijuana User Refused Transplant, Dies

Tim Garon lies in his hospital bed as his girlfriend, Leisa Bueno, leans over to give him a kiss before he died. He was refused a liver transplant because he was a medical marijuana user.

This is utterly disgusting. I am dumbstruck. I cannot believe that the Medical Profession have stooped to such a despicable low.

A musician who was denied a liver transplant because he used marijuana with medical approval under Washington state law to ease the symptoms of advanced hepatitis C died Thursday.

The death of Timothy Garon, 56, at Bailey-Boushay House, an intensive care nursing center was confirmed to The Associated Press by his lawyer, Douglas Hiatt, and Alisha Mark, a spokeswoman for Virginia Mason Medical Center, which operates Bailey-Boushay.

Dr. Brad Roter, the physician who authorized Garon to smoke pot to alleviate for nausea and abdominal pain and to stimulate his appetite, said he did not know it would be such a hurdle if Garon were to need a transplant.

The case has highlighted a new ethical consideration for those allocating organs for transplant, especially in the dozen states that have medical marijuana laws: When dying patients need a transplant, should it be held against them if they've used pot with a doctor's blessing?

Garon died a week after his doctor told him a University of Washington Medical Center committee had again denied him a spot on the liver transplant list because of his use of marijuana, although it was authorized under Washington state law.

"He said I'm going to die with such conviction," Garon told an AP reporter at the time. "I'm not angry, I'm not mad, I'm just confused."

Garon believes he contracted hepatitis C by sharing needles with "speed freaks" as a teenager. In recent years, he said, pot has been the only drug he's used. In December, he was arrested for growing marijuana.

He had been in the hospice for two months and previously was rejected for a transplant at Swedish Medical Center for the same reason he later got from the university hospital.

Swedish said he would be considered if he avoided pot for six months and the university hospital offered to reconsider if he enrolled in a 60-day drug treatment program, but doctors said his liver disease was too advanced for him to last that long. The university hospital committee agreed to reconsider anyway, then denied him again.

UK : Lisbon Treaty On Hold

Businessman wins Judicial Review Of UK's decision to ratify the Lisbon Treaty

Stuart Wheeler

Calls were made for the ratification of the EU Reform Treaty (the Lisbon Treaty) to be put on hold pending a High Court challenge over the Government's refusal to subject it to a referendum.

The calls came immediately after millionaire businessman Stuart Wheeler, a major Conservative Party donor, won permission from a senior judge to seek a judicial review.

He claims that he had "a legitimate expectation" that Gordon Brown would hold a public vote.

The Prime Minister has refused on the grounds that the Lisbon Treaty, introduced after proposals for a EU constitution were voted down by the French and Dutch in 2005, did not alter the UK constitution.

This is brilliant news. Mr. Wheeler may just be a Labor-hater ( so what! ) but this is exactly the kind of action that needs to be taken. Well done sir!

Watch this space for more developments on this case.

Thursday, 1 May 2008

GMO Vote


Dear friends,

An important vote on GMOs is due to take place on 7 May in Brussels. The agro-chemical industry wants to get EU permission to grow pesticide-producing maize plants and a GM potato that contains an antibiotic resistant gene. We want EU Commissioners to say NO when they discuss the applications on 7 May. Our petitions, postcards, emails, blog comments and actions have helped bring the EU to this historic moment. Now, this is it!

Can you join us in writing directly to all the European Commissioners this week?
Click Here.

The agro-chemical industry is already bombarding the Commission with lobbyists and messages. Greenpeace activists and campaigners are on the ground in Brussels, too. But with your voice, and your network of friends, we can deliver a louder, more direct message to Europe's top politicians.

We have contact details for all 27 European Commissioners, talking points you can use in your message to them, and links to further reading. The vast majority of EU citizens are opposed to GMOs, and emails direct from people who care ? in Europe, around the world ? can really work.

Please click here to take action.

Thank you for taking action before 7 May and for campaigning this far with us already.

Monday, 28 April 2008

Truth Tuesday

Today here @ ..Spotlight... is
" Truth Tuesday "

Here's the third vid in my Truth series.

The Third Truth

Truth Number Two :

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9/11 & The American Empire :

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