Monday, 18 February 2008

Toxic Teeth

The World Health Organization's own research about dental amalgam fillings and the toxicity of the vapour that they emit.

Why are the Dental Associations continuing to use
such toxic substances?
The evidence is not new, yet still they carry on
as if nothing were wrong. The same situation is
happening with Fluoride.

We the people need to stay informed & let our
so called Health "Professionals" know that we
do not want to be poisoned any more.

What is the problem here?
Is it that once they finish college & start
their (mal)practices, they no longer care or keep
informed about the toxic nature of the substances
that they use?
Or are we all guinea pigs, part of a widespread
experiment that we did not agree to?

The toxicity of Mercury has long been known.
The harmful effects of Fluoride have been known
even longer. Yet still we continue to be
poisoned by these substances, in our teeth,
our water, our processed foods, our toothpaste,
our medicines, our tea...

The pattern of abuse & misuse is so widespread
& so endemic that the only conclusion to be drawn
is that we are, in fact, their Lab Rats.

We cannot allow this to continue.
Lobby the politicians.
Complain to your dentist.
Stand up for your rights.

Full PDF study into amalgam fillings Here.

See here for the press release of Sweden & Norways ban on amalgam fillings.

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