Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Stop The Fascists!! Where's Freedom Of Expression Gone??


I just discovered that this blog is being blocked by certain
work & domain hosts!
What the fuck??
I want answers!
Where is my freedom to express myself?
The Irish Government are watching you & they don't
want you to think for yourself.
They want nice little complacent,mindless idiots.
Well Fuck You!
Fuck your Fluoridation.
Fuck your Poisons.
Fuck your Cancer.
Fuck your Drugs.
Fuck your Automoton-creating Education System.
Fuck your Taxes.
Fuck your Draconian Laws.
Fuck your New World Order.
You will Not win.
You shall all come crumbling down.

Thank You for increasing my resolve &
will to bring this shithouse to it's knees.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

im with you all the way my brother...
but just remember, don't fight fear with fear, don't fight anger with anger...otherwise they will win