Saturday, 1 March 2008

Just Say NO!

Here be the vid that I made for the good folks over at Wise Up Journal.
It's a compilation for Liam Tiernan's
anti-Lisbon Treaty song " Easy Come, So Easy Go."

Here's the Wise Up YouTube one ( same vid ):

Please embed these & spread 'em around!

I'll hopefully be working on my own original song & vid also.


Thursday, 28 February 2008

It's A Battle

There's a war going on outside


Hi folks, I hope this finds you all well.
Though I feel it may not.
I'm working on various projects right now, so I thought I'd write a
little "some some" to fill the blogging gap.
I'm researching excessive iron in drinking water, anti-depressants,
Irish issues & also more active projects, ie street action & non-cyber
based activism.

I emailed Prionsias De Rossa stating my distaste for his Yes vote to
The Lisbon Treaty. I was factual & honest yet he replied telling me to -
"..grow up & get my facts straight..."


My facts were straight.
Just because I had taken the time to actually use my mind & time to look into the facts, I was a child?
Well Mr. De Rossa, I am not your average mindless fucktard.
I look into the truth & actively seek it out.
I wrote a long, coherent, factual & concerned email.
You replied in one line.
You are the one that needs to grow up.
How much do you earn to micturate all over the people that put you there?
How many benefits have you reaped from your M.E.P. status?
Your priorities to the people have been flushed down the European toilet
while you line your pockets with our taxes & the dividends of the European corporate

I am pissed-off.
I am angry.
We are the ones that the Governments are mandated to serve.
Not the other way round.
Why are so many people so willing to be enslaved & defecated upon?
Wake up!! For fucking freedoms' sake, wake the fuck up.


Tuesday, 26 February 2008


Shocking Vote not to Respect Ireland Exposes the EU,
but Ireland can Still Save Europe

Wise Up Journal


By a huge majority, 499 to 129, members of the European parliament voted not to respect Ireland’s democratic referendum by voting against the amendment which would “Undertake to respect the outcome of the referendum in Ireland.” Even the Irish MEP Proinsias de Rossa voted not to respect the voice of his own people. He undoubtedly does not represent the Irish people and obviously his loyalties lie elsewhere. The people should now bring about his resignation.

Thankfully we are not under full oligarchy governance yet (we still make 20% of our laws) and this EU parliament vote does not change a thing. Under the pre-Lisbon treaty EU, Ireland still has a say and if we vote NO it still stops the Lisbon treaty from passing in all 27 countries. Ireland can still save democracy for half a billion people who don’t have a say.

The bigger story here is how did this issue come about and why did the EU Parliament (that has a minuscule amount influence in the EU power structure) partake in this vote which is not legally binding? Was the purpose to deceive the uniformed members of the Irish public? Since the EU power structure is complex (particularly to the majority of the public who do not routinely follow politics), this vote has manipulated most into thinking their no vote will not count, “so why bother voting at all?”

This scare tactic from the EU (further unmasking it’s true nature) has backfired. The informed members of the Irish public are now frantically spreading the message of this vote to the misinformed. Not only does the higher unelected decision makes of the EU not respect the people, the huge majority of our elected MEPs have now confirmed neither do they!

Not giving 26 members out of 27 a democratic vote on massive EU changes and announcing their opinion not to respect democracy is in contrast to democracy. Least we forget Oligarchy (ruled by a few elite, a government without people’s consent) is in contrast to Democracy (government whose power comes from people). This is the clear mindset of the people running the engine of the EU. Fortunately Ireland can stop their new full oligarchy EU from coming into existence. Then Ireland and the people of Europe can decide what to do next. If we vote yes history has show it would be difficult to get democracy back once you’ve lost it. Which the Irish know all too much about.

A new full length documentary exposing the EU and the Lisbon treaty will be released sometime over the next 11 days and it will be free to view on and Google videos.

Message from Anthony Coughlan, Secretary of The National Platform EU Research and Information Centre:

The European Parliament has nothing to do with the ratification of the Lisbon Treaty. That is a matter for the 27 EU Member States in accordance with their respective constitutional requirements.

The Treaty requires unanimity amongst all 27 as regards its ratification before it can come into force for anyone of them.

The European Parliament can pass resolutions on anything under the sun, but they are not involved in the ratification process.

This particular vote just shows the arrogance and contempt of the majority of the MEPs for democracy and for national constitutions.

But there is nothing new about that!

The Irish MEPs should not have voted in support of the Treaty until the Irish people had cast their vote on it. They would have done better to abstain.

Proinsias de Rossa acted disgracefully by voting not to respect the Irish Lisbon Treaty result, if it is a vote for No. It shows his profoundly undemocratic cast of mind.

Proinsias De Rossa Contact Details :

Dublin Office
Room 1410
Liberty Hall
Dublin 1

Tel: +353 1 874 6109
Fax: +353 1 874 6096
Brussels Office
Tel: +32 2 2847681
Fax: +32 2 2849681
Strasbourg Office
Tel: +33 3 88175681
Fax: +33 3 88179681

Let the prick know how much we hold him in contempt for his vote against the people.

Sunday, 24 February 2008

Soy Products, Not So Healthy After All.

Soy, Not a Health Panacea But A Health Risk


Here we go again.
Yet more evidence of widespread dis-information.
How many ads have you seen telling you of the benefits of soy products?
How many bogus studies have claimed the same?
How many lives have been claimed or damaged by these lies?
Scientists at the FDA's own Center for Toxicological Research have warned of soy protein's carcinogenic potential and of the health dangers of excess soy-food consumption.

As if this was not enough soy products also over dose us with Fluoride...

Some of these "health foods" which have high levels of fluoride are found in soy protein isolate, a key ingredient in energy bars, shake powders, veggie burgers and infant formula.

Babies on soy formula are at special risk not only for developing dental fluorosis but the mental fluorosis of ADD/ADHD. Although the fluoride levels of both soy and dairy formulas exceed that of breast milk, only soy formulas exceed safe levels when reconstituted with non-fluoridated distilled water. The levels increase considerably when parents reconstitute soy formula with fluoridated tap water. Worse, these soy bottle-fed infants are simultaneously exposed to high levels of neurotoxic aluminum, cadmium, manganese and plant estrogens. It's bad enough to expose adults to fluoride with its well established links to cancer, thyroid and other endocrine system disorders but unconscionable to expose infants and children whose brain, reproductive and other systems are developing.

Recently the U.S. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality reported that most of the research carried out on soy to date is “inconclusive.” The scientific literature review, carried out by a team of researchers at Tufts University in Boston, concluded that soy products appear to exert “a small benefit on LDL, cholesterol and triglycerides, but the effects may be of small clinical effect in individuals.”
But the researchers couldn't even determine from the studies how much soy protein might be needed for lipid reduction! The studies alleging that soy might reduce menopausal symptoms were judged to be either of “poor quality” or “their duration was too short to lead to definite conclusions.”
The team failed to find clear evidence that soy causes thyroid damage,
but that's not surprising given their decision to exclude foreign studies from consideration. The key studies showing thyroid damage from soy have been carried out at leading thyroid clinics in Japan.


Just in time for Breast Cancer Awareness Month (Last October), the Journal of the American Dietetic Association reported that that the studies on soy and cancer are inconsistent and that high soy consumption might increase breast cancer risk.
The authors indicated that this lack of “clear, consistent message” confuses many women and that “health professionals should take an active role and communicating and clarifying such information.”

Many health food snacks contain plant sterols, a type of plant estrogen found in soy oil. Sterols are widely promoted for their supposed cholesterol lowering effects and are used in a wide variety of “functional” foods such as “healthy” margarines, spreads and even some orange juices.
Like isoflavones, the phytoestrogens found in soy protein, sterols can cause endocrine disruption throughout the body.
The Australia/New Zealand Food Authority – though not the FDA – requires that sterol containing functional foods” carry warning labels advising pregnant and lactating women, infants and children not to eat them. In fact, they aren't good for any of us.

So beware! Do the research! DO NOT believe many "studies" purporting to prove the goodness of their products, as they are often carried out by scientists for hire who's results are tempered by the bottom line, money, not your health.

Some Links & References :

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