Wednesday, 20 February 2008

The Irish Government Is Poisoning You


The Irish Government (wankers) called for a ban on bottled water yesterday, stating that they were environmentally unsafe. They told the reporter that we should all drink tap water. Fluoridated, poisonous, brain, kidney, thyroid damaging tap water. At the meeting they had, low and behold, they were drinking bottled water. Canvas your local politicians, newspapers, radio stations & complain about this blatant attack upon our health. Get fluoridated water banned for good.

The now minister for the environment John 'Bend Over For Bertie & The CFR' Gormley(Gormless), who is advocating drinking tap water,was once against such a dangerous activity.
In this vid he debates with Dr.Jacinta 'Spawn Of Satan' McLoughlin about the
dangers of Fluoride.
How things change, eh?
Once becomming part of the Government (Enslave & Poisonment),he completely changes his mind & tells us that he's going to ban that which isn't destroyed by fluoride.
'Ah, go on, ya will, drink dat poison now and sure you'll be grand,so ya will.'
Go fuck your CFR and Bilderberg lovin' self, you wormy fuck.

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